If, in becoming ‘mature’, I lose all sense of being a child, you can keep it.


My definition of immaturity is this: that you are old enough to know better. Hence, children are not immature, adults are.

If you worry about life – when you know it doesn’t help; if you are afraid of people – when you know it doesn’t help; if you are hateful towards others – when you know it doesn’t help; then you are immature.


As a society we have all the maturity and intelligence of a neurotic and psychotic three year-old. And what’s even more pathetic is that we are so serious and grave about life. Like this will somehow demonstrate that we are all grown up. Such foolishness and immaturity!

If we are going to be as children, let us roll around in the mud of our own creation.


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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