Forget ‘hope’, just take the actions necessary.

‘Hope’ accomplishes nothing, other than setting yourself up for disappointment; whereas taking the necessary actions makes one hopeful.

As it should, because you are relying on yourself not fate. Sure, it might not go according to plan. So? You can always change your plan. And you can keep on changing it, for as long as necessary. Such is the power and the beauty of taking action.

Right and necessary action is rewarding in its very nature – irrespective of the actual results it gets.


Every 2 or 4 years in England, in June or July, we have this interesting ritual, whereby the entire nation invests all its hope in the national football team. And, invariably, the entire nation will experience that same sense of crushing disappointment, sooner or later.

You would really think that English people would have realised by now the sheer futility of this. “Yeah, but we invented football”. It doesn’t matter! Success isn’t determined by what you did 100 years ago!

And if, miracle of miracles, England actually won a major trophy, what would happen if you were a fan? You would be happy for a few days and, then, you would be as miserable as before. Because you would know that nothing has really changed. That you are still stuck in a relationship that you don’t really like. And a job that you don’t really like. And there seems no way out of that …

And, for some women, it is the Cinderella complex. Hoping that the Knight in Shining Armour will whisk them away from it all. Sorry, honey, there’s a very long queue of women waiting for precisely that. To the back of the queue you must go.

You can escape the reality of your life as much as you want. You can spend every moment of your life wishing that it was different. You can spend your entire life doing that, if you want.

But, as death approaches, you won’t be able to escape the crushing disappointment that you wasted your entire life in the hope that things would be different. And in the realisation that they weren’t.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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