True politics is the art of the possible, of inspiring people to be all that they can possibly be. Anything else is a tyranny of the mediocre.


Politicians set the agenda, and determine the socio-political landscape. But that is all they can do. For there to be actual, real, definable change, people have to change – themselves. They have to colour their bit of the overall picture, differently.


The problem isn’t that politicians are crooked, it is that people are drawn, instinctively, to those who are most adept at disguising and hiding from the truth.

Well, do you think people really want to face the truth?

Namely, the fact that everything – yes, everything – that is wrong in their lives is their doing?

Do you think this is a message that people particularly want to hear?

Do you think that anyone who stood for election on this platform would get elected?

No. It is a lot more comforting if you don’t have to confront your problems, if you can blame the government or society instead.

But don’t then go and bitch that, no matter who is in power, nothing seems to change – because nothing will change until you confront your problems.


Politics is dominated by grey-haired and grey-suited men. Who have, by and large, a great deal more past behind them than future in front of them. Here are a few characteristics of those who are of a certain age and disposition:

antiquated, battered, bedraggled, broken-down, creaky, crippled, debilitated, dilapidated, doddering, feeble, flimsy, fragile, frail, haggard, incapacitated, infirm, insubstantial.[1]

Yup, that sums up our political system, pretty well.

[1] http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/senile

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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