Isn’t it interesting how the more trouble there is in my life, the more trouble there seems to be in the world?

You are a universe in yourself. You are God of that universe. Best that you are not absent and that you attend to everything that needs to be attended to in your universe. Sooner or later you will have to pay attention. Best not wait until it is too late.


Some people attack the concept of globalism. They wish that we could all just focus on our own small world: family, community, country. Just like the ‘good old days’ …

The trouble is, you cannot separate what happens in Iraq or Ethiopia or Somalia from you. It is you who are feeling whatever it is you are feeling whenever you watch the news.

You can try to switch off or to ignore what is happening. But it won’t have gone away, and it will return to remind you that it is still there soon enough.

In fact, the advent of globalism is a blessing. In the more isolated days of old, you might have had a sense that something was off somewhere, but you would not have known what. Now, you cannot but be aware of exactly what is off.

Better to have this awareness, this knowledge, than not. As with this awareness, and with this knowledge of exactly the way things are operating on a global level, you can see what needs to be remedied on a local level.

And what is the most local level?


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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