Feelings are fickle, capricious. They appear and disappear as they please. Some people find their feelings deeply unsettling. They want to control them, but can’t. So they may well dismiss them, completely, losing touch with how they are feeling.

This is unhealthy. If you desensitize yourself from your emotions, instead of being present to life, you will become numb and suppressed. Instead of experiencing any of the wonders and delights of being alive, you will go through the motions, joyless and dead.

And there are those who are completely fixated by their emotions. They think that because their emotions are true, that they should be true to them at all times.

This is also unhealthy. While it is important to pay attention to how you are feeling, at any given moment, you can only function effectively in life if you are not at the whim and mercy of your emotions; if you are able to express your strength and power when you feel weak and helpless.


First things first, acknowledge exactly how you are feeling in the moment. Then, accept it fully. Then, whether the feeling is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, let it go.

It is the most futile and pointless thing to try to hold on to an emotion, any emotion. They would happily go if you would just let them.

Emotion is E-Motion: Energy in Motion. It is energy that is constantly on the move – so long as its movement isn’t blocked. Which is precisely what people do.

If they are feeling glad, they will do everything they can to keep that feeling going for as long as possible. This will often involve alcohol, or drugs of one kind or another.

If they are feeling sad, they will do everything they can to get rid of that feeling. This will often involve alcohol, or drugs of one kind or another.

All of which subverts and corrupts the natural flow of energy. Which is precisely why, when you come down from the buzz or the high, life doesn’t seem to make any sense.

In refusing to let your E[in]Motion take its natural course, that energy gets stuck and trapped and blocked. Which is why people who hold on to their E[in]motions often feel stuck and trapped and blocked.


No matter how you are feeling, do not use this as an excuse to behave in a manner that isn’t befitting of you. You certainly do not have to act out your feelings. If your feelings really don’t serve you, don’t deny or suppress them, acknowledge them – and bring something else to the party.

You are way more powerful than something so ephemeral as how you are feeling.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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