Service: to let go of your own needs by attending to the needs of others.

Your ego won’t like it but, by God, it’s good for you!

Why? Because service is inherent to our very nature.

Look at the sun. It services us without asking for anything back. It sustains and nourishes life, for the sheer hell of it. Look at how strong and powerful it is.

There is your example.

Of course, the sun could end up destroying us. This may well be an inevitability at some distant point in the future.

Or, we may well pre-empt this process, by a good few billion years, by abusing and misusing its gifts of warmth and energy.

If you are at a party, it is best not to piss off the host, by pissing all of its offerings against the wall, literally and metaphorically. He will chuck you out with great force – unless you start cleaning up your mess.

Take note and be warned.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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