Your world is shaped by language. Choose what you think and what you say, wisely, as this will shape your life.

The more limited you are by language, the more limited your life will be.

Basically, if you say the same things over and over again, then, guess what? You will experience the same things over and over again – which will probably be intensely boring for you.

Expand your view of the world through language. Shock yourself with an alternative view of life one time. Free yourself up.

And remember: true communication and true expression is only possible when you are able to go beyond language to where the divine within you – that which is ineffable – resides.

I know that sounds airy-fairy. But any attempts to explain what is beyond language through language will likely do so.

In any case, you want to get a hook on language first …


Language is at the heart of everything. Language is how you make sense of everything. That is how fundamental it is.

“In the Beginning Was the Word”.

The Word is a declaration. It has power and force: The Sermon on the Mount. The Gettysburg Address. “I have a dream …”

All of which made a profound difference to the lives of those people who spoke those words and those people who heard them.

But recognise: it has been demonstrated that 7% of communication is verbal and 93% is non-verbal.

And yet, we seem to focus 93% on the words and 7% on everything else.

“He said this … She said that …”

Yes, and what about the 93% that they didn’t say?

The real essence lies there. In terms of who you are being when you are communicating whatever it is you are communicating. Are you being joyous and happy or miserable and depressed? Are you being peaceful and loving or angry and hateful? Are you being excited and enthusiastic or morose and comatose? Powerful and strong or weak and helpless?

That, my friends, is why The Sermon of the Mount, The Gettysburg Address and “I have a dream” were as momentous and compelling as they were. Because Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. were being momentous and compelling as they spoke those words. Had you or I said them no one would have remembered.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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