There are two sides to everyone. One’s private side and one’s public one. The greater the discrepancy between the two, the greater of a threat life is.

Those who feel the greatest need to put on a façade when they are in public, do so because they are afraid that their true nature will be exposed at any moment; that all their demons will come out to play. So they go to the greatest lengths to hide who they really are.

The trouble is that no actor has the stamina to keep up the pretence indefinitely. He has to take a break from the role, sooner or later. And that is when the cracks start to appear.

That is the nature of having a breakdown. You identify with your role so strongly, you attach so much weight and significance to it, that sooner or later it will collapse under its own weight.

This is good. You are becoming more real. Be glad that you are loosening the straightjacket you fixed upon yourself. Just don’t leave it to forces that are outside of your control, in future.

Happy are they who have no concern with how others might perceive them. They have nothing to hide, in private or public, because they see themselves in other people and other people in them. And they realise that there is no distinction between the two. They consider that, “This is our world. This is our reality. Welcome. Make yourself at home. It is all good.”

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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