The greatest source of terror is often much closer to home than you might think. It stares right back at you in the mirror.


Terror is an emotion. You cannot get rid of it until you get rid of all emotions. How likely is that do you think?


Terror is an emotion. Those who experience it are terrified of such things as, death; having their homes destroyed by bombs and the like; not to mention having marauding gangs rampaging through the streets. That, to them, is terror. It is not some theoretical concept from on high. No, it is very real.

To put it very simply, I really don’t see how you can get rid of terror by bombing people back to the Stone Age.

And what does the presence of tanks, bombs and guns – American or otherwise – inspire, if not terror?

Likewise, oil …

If you genuinely want to see terror eradicated, how can this possibly be achieved if you are, all the time, adding to the sum total of terror?

“But we’re doing it for our security …” Really? And how exactly does creating the circumstances where people are mad, furious and desperate enough to seek revenge at any cost make you feel more secure, I wonder?

This didn’t start with Afghanistan and Iraq. And it won’t end with Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Yeah, but it’s about bringing peace and security and …”

You are seriously telling me that spending trillions and trillions every year on, er, weapons of mass destruction is the way to do this?

They’ve been selling you this message for a very long time. And how peaceful and secure do you feel, exactly?

More to the point, if you, as a nation, have a great stockpile of nuclear weapons, what moral right have you to tell any nation that they can’t do so too?

That is like the bully who feels that he has the right to beat everyone else up, but, obviously, no one else can touch him. Hmmm. That is going to spread peace and harmony around the world, isn’t it?

And, furthermore, if we look at the issue of gangs and gun crime, how can you expect your children not to carry guns and knives around with them, if you are armed to the teeth as a nation?

If you genuinely want less terror, create less of it, if you are in a position of authority.

Or, another option would be to admit that you have no honour, and to do away with yourself.

The old samurais of Japan would have committed hara-kiri for far, far less.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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