If we look at the New Age movement the end goal is enlightenment. Enlightenment being liberation from all the shackles that bind you in life. An admirable goal, certainly.

But if you need to run around, telling everyone, “I am enlightened! I am enlightened!” You probably aren’t.

If you were really enlightened, you wouldn’t need to tell anyone. They would just know.

And if they didn’t, it wouldn’t bother you.

Hell, you’re enlightened, man! All that ‘validating your ego’ stuff doesn’t concern you, right?


Enlightenment is really a function of who you are, moment by moment. It is being completely happy and free in this very moment.

And this very moment.

And this very moment.

I would imagine that we have all been enlightened at some moments in our lives.

Just not enough.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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