It was man who first set foot on the moon. Typical, that having started a whole bunch of wars on earth, he took the first opportunity to get away.


What is man? Man is the force and the power which makes things happen. It is the energy which brings things into being. It is dynamic; it is purposeful; it is magnificent.

Man would be fantastic, truly, truly fantastic, if only he didn’t have anything to prove. Or fix. And if he didn’t try to impose his will on everything.

If he just let things be once in a while. Chill, man.


If you think that men are stupid, what about the women who fall for them?

It will always baffle me that some of the most idiotic and brutish qualities that men display show absolutely no signs of being driven out by evolution. Then again, evolution hasn’t got rid of the absurdity and delusion of those women who succumb.


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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