Heaven and hell are of the imagination only. They reflect people’s hopes and fears of a future to come, of life after death. But instead of focusing on life after death they would be better served to focus on life before death. This they can control.

Never mind a future that may or may not come, how are you dealing with life in this moment? Are you loving or are you hating life right here, right now? Are you powerful or are you scared of people right here, right now? Because, heaven and hell exist nowhere but right here, right now.


Heaven is merely a reflection of how things are on earth. It is the hope that people have, that ‘some day’ in the future things will be better. When in reality when that ‘some day’ actually comes it will be the same as any other day: you will spend it hoping and praying that ‘some day’ in the future things will be better …

Heaven and the afterlife are there purely because you have given up all hope that things will get any better in this lifetime. But if you are hopeless in this realm, why should it be any different in any other?


Never have more hellish things been done than in the attempt to get to heaven. How many wars have been fought on this principle?

How the path to heaven can be reached by shedding blood indiscriminately, is beyond me.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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