In politics, and in life, majorities and minorities come and go. They reflect the public mood at that particular moment. While it is instructive to note the mood of a nation, that is all it is: a mood. Which, like your own, is liable to change at the merest whim.

It really doesn’t matter, then, if you are popular or unpopular, at any given time. What matters is that you believe in something enough that you will stick to your guns no matter what. While being flexible enough to recognise when a change of approach is necessary.


It is difficult being in a minority. Particularly, if you are in a minority of one.

But with enough strength and conviction, and with the deeds to back up your words, you can convert great numbers to your cause. You can become an essential and integral part of history. The Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad are proof of this.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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