If you don’t feel secure nothing is going to give you a sense of security. Until, that is, you stop seeing everybody and everything as a threat.

That is not to say that there are no dangers in life. There are. The trouble is that people have a tendency to create danger where there is none, by taking the most innocuous and unthreatening situations as a source of attack

You might not think so, but look how swiftly nations go to war, and over the flimsiest of pretexts. This is a collective senselessness which can easily override one’s own sense; so long as the ‘threat’ and the ‘danger’ are emphasised as forcefully as possible, and as often as possible, through the mantra of ‘terrorism’.

Warmongering nations and leaders, oh how insecure thou art …


And our beloved leaders, they merely reflect the fears and the insecurities of each and every one of their countrymen. They wouldn’t have been elected otherwise.

And in knowing, intrinsically, how afraid and insecure so many of their countrymen are, they play on that fear and insecurity. How? By promising that they will keep you safe and secure.

I could say, very simply, that safety and security can only be found from within. That, like anything else in life, if you want to be safe and secure, you have to bring that in.

But I can illustrate this by pointing out the inherent contradictions of this situation. That if you really felt safe and secure, they – your leaders – wouldn’t feel safe and secure. Because you would no longer need them. Their purpose – of keeping you safe and secure – having been served, you could focus on what else life has to offer you.

Well, if you really were safe and secure, you wouldn’t even think about being safe and secure. It would be a given. Bye bye leader who promises you what you already have …

If you really were safe and secure, you could actually start enjoying life and having fun … If you really were safe and secure, you could connect with people, and be intimate with those you love … If you really were safe and secure, you could express yourself around people, authentically.

Well, if you really were safe and secure, what would you be afraid of?

So, it’s not really in their interests to keep you safe and secure … Only through having you be afraid and insecure can they then promise you that they will make you safe and secure.

Anything else, and they are out on their ear.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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