You can dress it up anyway you want, but we live in a pretty sick society. No wonder sickness manifests in so many people.

There is the fact of the illness (which is all mind-related, anyhow), and there is the way in which human beings deal with it, which is essentially, “Let’s attack it! Let’s destroy it! Let’s kill it – with this fast-acting, powerful drug.”

And so, your solution to anything that is unpleasant or unwanted inside of you, is effectively, genocide: death and destruction on a mass scale of anything that is even remotely harmful. That is the real disease.


Never mind that it was your lifestyle that actually caused it …


All of which often manifests itself in the outside world, lest we be in any doubt.

Within a group of people – particularly a group which is defined on ethnic or racial grounds – there is often a tendency to treat anyone who is alien to that community as a ‘cancer’ to obliterate. The prevailing belief being that through hatred, violence and aggression the community will remain ‘pure’.

That is a strange kind of purity, if you ask me.

You can but love your illness. You might not be free of it, but you will be free of all the suffering that you attach to it.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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