Something that is truly valuable sells itself.


St Paul was probably the greatest salesman there has ever been. He didn’t need some great marketing strategy to get his message of Christ across – ultimately, to billions. He simply believed in Christ enough, to share him with as many as he possibly could.

The best advertising is believable, so you had best believe in what you are selling.


Everyone is selling themselves all the time. Whether they are aware of it or not, the message they are selling is usually some variation of, “I am boring”, “I am hopeless”, “I am shy” or “I am fake and manipulative”. Or, the most heinous message of all, “I am a victim”.

That is your brand. That is what people identify you as. You are so effective at selling yourself as that, everyone buys it: that you have low self-esteem; that you are ‘special needs’. That is who they take you for. Why? Because you believe in it so strongly and so forcefully, it is totally convincing.

Step number one, recognise exactly how you are coming across to people. Step number two, start convincing yourself that this might not be entirely true. Tell yourself that, “I am bored … of being boring” or “I am hopeless … at being hopeless”.

It won’t solve the problem, but the problem will no longer exert quite as much control over you as it once did. Hence, you will be less effective at spreading the message that, “There is something wrong with me.” And if you start to doubt it, other people will start to doubt it too.

This is the start of the virtuous circle. This is the start of your re-branding campaign, as someone who is powerful, passionate, joyful and loving. It might take you a while to convince others of this; not to mention yourself. But, deep down inside, you know that this is who you truly are. And that is enough.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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