It is not autumn itself that dampens one’s spirits. It is the fact that it is the prelude to winter: cold, harsh and bitter. All of which dissolves – in love.


You spent all autumn and winter longing for spring and summer. And no sooner did spring and summer arrive, than you were too busy worrying about autumn and winter, to notice.


Best notice the order of the seasons. That it is well to plant your crops at a certain time of the year. And to reap your harvest, likewise.

And, remember: the rain might come. Or it might not. There might be hail or drought, you cannot know for sure.

There was an Ice Age which affected our ancestors a few thousand years back. And there might be another one, sooner than you think. Or the earth might be burnt to a crisp.

Either way, be prepared as best you can. Always be prepared for anything and everything. And that will give you the greatest chance of coming through, no matter what.

Don’t take anything for granted, but be confident that it will turn out fine.

Recognise, lest you be in any doubt: whatever has been thrown at us as a species, thus far, we have come through.

And I would suggest that throughout our existence as human beings we have faced and survived some pretty great crises. Thus, we are genetically pre-disposed to make it.

So, take whatever actions are necessary, and fret not.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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