The capacity to forgive is the most compelling proof that God exists. It is love in action; it is God in action.

And it starts with you: When you mess up horrendously! When you blow it spectacularly!

When you front up and acknowledge to yourself that, “I totally and utterly sucked, man. That was bloody dismal.”

Forgive yourself. Embrace your humanity. Be one with your pain.

It isn’t easy, because the sense that you have failed is so intimate, so personal, so raw. There really is no escape from it – until you be for giving yourself the power and the grace of forgiveness.

Be for giving yourself as much love and compassion as you possibly can. Be for giving yourself the freedom to mess up horrendously and to blow it spectacularly. Be for giving yourself the acceptance that no matter how much you have made things wrong you can put all of that right.

Be for giving yourself complete and absolute, unconditional forgiveness.


Forgiveness needs to be true, it needs to be genuine. Otherwise it is just hostility and malice in another name.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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