The effects of mankind’s ignorance, over the course of its existence, would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic. And if it didn’t repeat itself over and over and over again. Some jokes get old soon enough.


The tragedy of life is that some people do the same things over and over again and they are not even aware of this. They are deeply unhappy and they have no idea why. Rather than questioning their behaviour they will continue perpetuating their misery, blind to their effect and impact.

When this unconsciousness becomes collective and takes hold of a group, a classic effect is that they will believe that hating other people will solve their problems and will somehow make them feel better.

When what it will actually do is make them even more unconscious and, hence, even more miserable.

“Well, it brought us all together”, they might think to themselves. But it wasn’t the hatred that did it; it was the sense of having a common purpose. The hatred will consume and destroy all that they had in common soon enough, though.

While these people are oblivious and unaware of themselves, there are those people who are aware, who will use alcohol or drugs to become oblivious; as an excuse to do the same things over and over and over again.

While they are not ignorant, they are nuts if they think that this is the best way of dealing with life.


Well, ignorance is bliss … I seriously doubt it.

This is what it comes down to. People don’t want to face up to their issues, because they are afraid of what will show up if they do.

But, guess what? They will show up for you whether you like it or not! You can hide from them all you want, but they will pop up soon enough.

Any time you explode with anger over something, or you get seriously stressed and overwhelmed, or you just feel really depressed, and you have no idea why, that is why. Your issues need the air of your attention. And they will keep on coming up for air, until you give them your attention

So, are you going to pretend they don’t even exist, are you going to yell at them when they do show up, or are you going to face them with love? The choice is yours.


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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