The man who needs to display his masculinity overtly, and with as much ceremony as possible, oh how emasculated you are …

A real man does not need to prove his manliness: he just is manly.

And just so we be clear about it, how do most men ‘prove’ their manliness? Through their success with women.

If that is you, I have to ask you this: do any of those women you shag actually mean anything to you? Do you care about them in any way, shape or form? Or are they simply there to satisfy your urges? Are they simply there so you can boast about it to your mates?

In which case, why are so desperate to impress your mates? What do you have to prove, exactly? Do you think they really give a damn?

I’ll be real straight with you: do you really think that is the way a real man behaves?

A real man is not threatened by women. He does not need to assert power and control and dominance over them. He loves women. For their bodies, their minds, their spirits, their souls, their energy, their heart, their being.

And he certainly does not blame them for his shortcomings, for his frustrations with life. Any issues he has with women he strives to overcome. So he can express his love and his joy for them. In ways far beyond the mere exercise of one of his lower chakras.


A world where masculinity (doing) is not counter-balanced with femininity (being), is a world of trouble and strife. Trouble and strife being its testosterone-fuelled nature.

Look at every problem in our society, and at its core is this lack of harmony and balance.

And the reverse is true. A world of being without doing … Well, nothing really gets done. And that doesn’t work either. So, marry femininity and masculinity (being and doing) as much as possible. That is their purpose. That is for the best.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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