People misunderstand authenticity. They think that they are authentic if they are just ‘being themselves’. But, if you are miserable and depressed and you take that for who you are, that is completely inauthentic. Completely inauthentic.

If you feel angry or resentful towards other people and you take that for who you are, that is completely inauthentic. Completely inauthentic.

That is not who you are. No. No. No.

Sure, it might seem like that … But never judge anything by how it appears. Because the way anything appears is a trick of the mind.

All there is, ultimately, is the way things are.

And then, the way things are, is filtered through the mind. And that is when it becomes messy and cloudy. Because we all have certain blinkers. We all have certain ideas of life, based on the accumulation of all our experiences, that we then decide is how things really are.

When all it really is is our interpretation of how things are. Which is completely different from how things really are.

And, then, it becomes even more freaky, when you consider the collective beliefs and convictions of groups, cultures and societies.

When a whole bunch of people share the same beliefs and convictions, pretty much, and they interpret things the same way, pretty much, then how things really are gets lost in the maze of cultural and societal myths based on how people think things are.

Which are two very different things.

And that is why there is such confusion and conflict out there. Because, a lot of the time, we will have the sense that the way that life is portrayed to us by the media, our parents, our teachers, our government, etc. is not how things really are.

The tragedy is that so many overlook how they really feel to fit in with how they think society wants them to feel.

And many of those who don’t buy into this cultural and societal mentality, buy into this whole “misery and depressed” business, instead. All of which is a complete reaction. And there is no power in reaction. There is no freedom in reaction.

While seeking to free yourself from the constraints and chains placed upon you by society – as you perceive it – you are, essentially, constraining and chaining yourself, instead, with your beliefs and convictions about life. And your beliefs and convictions about life, seeing as they go to the very crux and the very core of who you take yourself to be, is a very hard one to break free from.


In reality, we are all divine beings of light. I know that, given the way things are, this doesn’t appear to be so. But never judge things by how they appear. Never

Look, if you conceive that, at any moment, it is possible to act in a way that is divine … When you conceive of the unconditional love that Mother Theresa showed all of those children in the slums of Calcutta … and, if you conceive of the numerous other wonderful and completely inspirational acts that human beings has manifested throughout the ages – be it the works of Leonardi Da Vinci, Mozart, Shakespeare, Einstein, Edison, Pele, or whomever you find most wonderful and inspirational – then you can conceive that, maybe, just maybe, seeing ourselves as being divine beings of light is as authentic a way of looking at life as any other.

Because that is it what it comes down to. Choosing – regardless of how it appears on the surface – choosing who we really are.

“Yes, but Da Vinci, Mozart and all of those people, they’re one in a million … I am not like that …”

Yes, YOU ARE. Because YOU are made of EXACTLY the same stuff that THEY are made of. If you dig deep enough you will see no essential difference between you and them, WHATSOEVER.

If they can do it, ANYONE and EVERYONE can do it.

This is what I choose to believe, anyway. Because that is the most inspiring and empowering way that I can look at life. And that is how, and who, I choose to be.

So, who do you choose to be?

True authenticity is getting present to who you really are when you take all the crap away. When you recognise that fear, anger, misery, despair and hopelessness, that they are all energies, and that they are not you. Because, they all come and go. And who you are remains after all the crap has gone.


The first step towards being authentic is to notice everywhere in your life that you are inauthentic. So, in that sense, it is very useful to notice your misery and your depression and your anger and your hatred. And once you’ve done that, to let it go. To recognise that that is not you in any way, shape or form.

True authenticity is being free to be all that you can possibly be. It is being fully alive and fully expressed. It is love and joy in action, manifesting itself through you.

And it is forgiving yourself, completely and absolutely, when you are not at your best. It is recognising and accepting your humanity, warts and all.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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