Genius comes just before genocide, both in the dictionary and in life. It takes a certain kind of genius to gain the power, necessary, to systematically murder millions of people before anyone is able to stop you.

Genius without wisdom or love is hella trouble.


Genius is an attempt by the Gods to communicate with human beings.

In refusing to acknowledge the presence of the divine within, many humans lose out on their potential genius.

And even when they do acknowledge and reflect upon such a communication, much will invariably be lost in translation. Because, unfortunately, no one has yet written a “God-Human” or “Human-God” dictionary.


True genius lies in recognising and appreciating the true genius which lies at the heart of how the universe works. A snowflake is damn near perfect. Why not go beyond appearances, and see this in everything else?


Chances are, if you are a genius, you will be impossible to get on with. How can anyone relate to you? You and all those mad ideas about the world? Forget it!

That is the burden of genius. You will probably feel all alone. Because, you are all alone. You are off the scale, baby, with only yourself for company.

A true genius like Einstein or Isaac Newton makes this work. They say, “This is how the world is.” And they get pretty much everyone to fit. But I doubt that any of their personal relationships were particularly straightforward or congenial.

They were just fortunate that they aspired to and achieved a grander purpose.


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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