If there is such a thing as ‘God’ my idea is that It will be the highest, grandest, most magnificent and divine thing that it would be conceivable for a human being to be. Which is pure love.

Which is interesting as many conceive of a God who is angry and wrathful and vengeful, and kind of needy and insecure. In that, if we don’t worship HIM exactly the way HE says we should, HE will punish us with the most horrific punishments imaginable.

But why worship a God who is as screwy as many of Its followers? Why bring God down to our worst level? If God really is all-powerful – such that everything is within Its power – how can It be so vindictive and petty? And why does It need to be – if It really can do anything?

I don’t get it – especially so, as many, many humans have evolved beyond that.


The question is this – if we go by some of the most religiously devoted – why do people who worship God put a limit on what is LIMITLESS?

A classic example being the way in which they describe the supreme being – which surely contains both male AND female – as being exclusively male.

More so, one often finds these people asserting with great conviction that “HE IS THIS” and “HE IS THAT”.

Which peculiarly enough, often consists of the exact same characteristics as their father.

Personally speaking, I have no idea how you can possibly describe what is INDESCRIBABLE.


It is my belief that there is something ‘out there’. But whatever is ‘out there’ is actually ‘in here’. This is scientifically verifiable. As everything – inside and out – is the exact same thing: energy vibrating. So to discover what is ‘out there’ look ‘in here’. To find God find thyself.


God is pure love. And its offshoots: truth, joy and compassion. FOR ALL. If It is not this, It is nothing at all.

Any religious authority which doesn’t presence this, is preaching something other than God. It is deluding itself and everyone else.

Isn’t it hilarious how those who pronounce God most loudly, take those who seek God away from God?

How could God damn and condemn anything It created? Does It really play favourites amongst its creations?

Really? It prefers you more than anything else It conceived? You who talk of the devil and nothing else, as if that is the real force behind life? You who preach hatred and vengeance towards pretty much everyone and everything?

If that is who or what you think God is, think again.

Actually, for perhaps the first time in your life, THINK.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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