The law will always favour the rich and powerful. Because it is the rich and powerful who make the law.


I’m not suggesting that you can buy justice. I’m not suggesting it, because I can’t afford the lawyer who would be able to defend me successfully.


From the way people speak in reverent tones, one could easily surmise that the law of the land is set in stone. When, actually, it is just an agreement amongst a few individuals with the necessary influence and power. With the rest of us having far more important things to worry about, such as who we should next evict from the Big Brother house.


I am not saying that you should break the law. Because, in doing so you actually give it legitimacy. You make it more real and more powerful by opposing it. You can flex your muscles all you want – the State has way bigger muscles than you do.

So, don’t break the law. No, create your own laws. Laws which make sense in the context of your life. Laws that empower you and enhance who you really are.

And pay homage and respect to the only laws that really matter. Universal laws, such as cause and effect. Let these immortal and immutable laws guide you beyond what any mortal being tells you you should do.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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