Without me the world could not carry on as it does. Without you the world could not carry on as it does. If we pull ourselves together maybe, some day, the world will not carry on as it currently does.


He, who is independent, and able to live as he may please, how many people does he have to thank for that?

The simple fact is that no matter how independent you are, without others you wouldn’t have food on your plate or shelter to house you. Not to mention the education that led to your independence.

So recognise just how dependent on others you are.

And how dependent they are on you.

So choose, very, very carefully, which direction you are going in in life. And who you would have as company on the journey. Because, truly do you rely on each other. And, truly, do you amplify one another.

If you choose love as your journey, you will be bathed in love on the journey.

And if you choose hate, they will drown you in hate.

Heaven or hell?


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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