Integrity is very, very simple. Do what you know is right.

I didn’t say it was easy. But it is simple.


The nature of integrity is that you are whole and complete and that you work perfectly. Let go of every notion that you aren’t like this, and then live life from there.

Who cares if the reality does not match this? She who is powerful knows that reality does not shape her; that she shapes reality.


There are those who say that integrity is being your word. Actually, real integrity goes way deeper than that. Because “word” is based in language. And integrity – whilst being a word – isn’t.

Real integrity exists beyond the confines and the constraints and the distortions of language.

Your word can only be an approximation of something. Just as the word moon isn’t the moon, you are not your word. Your word only hints at something. At best it will give you an inkling of who you are.

So don’t be fixated on being true to your word. Go to where there are no words, and find who you really are there.

Yes, my friend. Go beyond words to where there are no limits, there are no conditions, there is no beginning or end. That is where true freedom lies. That is where your true nature lies. Go there.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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