It is a shame that so many of those who are in management are more concerned with furthering their egos than in actually managing.

Simply put, a great number of people are drawn to management, in any field, because they need to have power and control over other people. Only in so doing, they believe, will they experience any kind of security or pleasure.

For truly effective management, leave your ego at the door. And the irony is that you will gain far more acknowledgement and respect, and you will advance much further, than if had you followed the call of your ego.

If you can’t manage your ego you have no right managing anyone.


The more that people are aligned to the ethos of an organisation, the less of a need there is to manage them. They will happily get on with what needs doing.

And that is the key to good, effective management: letting people manage themselves as much as possible. Rather than imposing your will on other people, let them get present to what they would will be so.

Fulfilment and fun in the workplace! Why not?

Do you really think that if that was there that would hurt the profit margin?

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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