How truly inferior you are to try to justify why others are inferior to you – based on colour, creed, or anything else.

If we go by the logic of racism, if you go on holiday and you get a tan then you are slightly less “pure” than if you had stayed at home and remained as pale as possible!

That makes sense!

More to the point, if you truly were superior, if you truly were masterful, you wouldn’t even conceive that others were getting theirs at your expense.

No, if you truly were superior, if you truly were masterful, you would be getting everything that you needed from life, without worrying about others.

“Yeah, but … I am better than them. I should be getting what I deserve.” But you are getting everything that you deserve, my friend. And this will remain so, until you understand this fact.


Racism is not exclusive There are idiots everywhere. In every culture and race. The irony is that white extremists have far more in common with black extremists, Jewish extremists, Hindu and Muslim extremists than they have with members of their own race and culture.

They all share, with the deepest conviction, a fear and a hatred of the other.

Yes, they are all the same. Let’s get them! …

Or we could choose not to play that particular game.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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