Dare to speak your truth – and to hell with it! There is bound to be someone who will be offended, no matter what you do.

Might as well give them a reason to be upset.

If you have something unpleasant to say – such that you cannot bear to hold it in any longer – don’t try to be pleasant; don’t try to find the least bad way of saying whatever you need to say.

If you fumble and splutter and try desperately to be nice – when your message is anything but – that insincerity will annoy them as much as anything that you actually say.

But don’t be nasty and unpleasant either. Say whatever you have to say, but be unattached and unconcerned.

Recognise that they are big enough and strong enough to take it.


Don’t speak harshly for the sake of it. Only speak harshly if that is the only way the buggers will understand.

If that is the only way that love can have its say.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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