When all is said and done, I think that people yearn for companionship more than anything else in life. There is no greater fear in life than to be all alone, and there is no greater cure for it than companionship.

Ultimately, it is our nature to want to share our experiences with others; we want them to relate to us and to make sense of us. We want to see ourselves through their eyes.

More so, we want them to give us the space where we can do what the bloody hell we like, without consequence.

But would we return the favour, in all honesty?

Are we holding them to a different standard from ours?

Companionship is only possible where there is mutual trust and recognition, and so long as we don’t expect others to compensate for our failings.


If you cannot enjoy your own company, then any companionship you have with other people will be completely inauthentic. Well, escaping and avoiding yourself to be with others lacks power and freedom. And, sooner or later, that weakness and helplessness will be exposed in the company of others. When, as an example, someone picks a point with you about the very thing that you have been refusing to deal with on your own.

And where do you run to then?

Enjoying the company of other people is wonderful. And why not give yourself the benefit of your own company? As it is just as wonderful.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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