Everything in our society is geared towards being active and doing stuff.

Busy, busy, busy … People to call … Targets to meet … Rush, rush, rush …

The mind craves stimulation. It needs to have something to preoccupy itself with all the time.

Which is fine. Except for the fact that in a mind that is constantly agitated there can be no peace, no harmony. There can literally be no peace of mind.

Peace of mind can only be found in the silence, when you are completely still.


While it does take discipline, it is comparatively easy to experience silence and stillness on your own. The difficulty is experiencing it in the mad rush that is every day life. The key thing is to be aware: aware that no matter what is happening all around you, you don’t have to be sucked in; that it is possible to keep your own counsel amongst all the noise.


The danger and attraction of solitude is that there is no one to interrupt your bliss. But bliss cannot survive long in isolation. The further it spreads, the more it thrives.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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