Perhaps one day the human species will reach a point where it does not need to be ‘governed’ by a select few, but can be trusted to work things out for the best, individually, and collectively.

When we realise that we don’t need other people to find our answers. They are our answers. Which means that we – and no one else – must find them.

If enough people took that on, the whole notion of electing a select group of people to do the job – our job – of working it all out for us, would disappear into the moonlit sky …

But, sure, we are not there yet. So, given where we are at, what is the purpose of government?

Simply this:

A government should focus its attention on one thing and one thing only: doing what works, with the least amount of fuss possible; without any need or desire to take the credit when things do work out, and without any rancour or recrimination when they don’t.

If we look at all the governments that have ever been, there should be enough examples of what doesn’t work to make doing what works a pretty straightforward and simple task, by comparison.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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