And when it comes down to it, throw away everything you have learned. Nothing you have learned can prepare you for the future. Because the future is always fresh and new and experience isn’t.

“Yeah, but without experience how would we know what to do?”

Trust yourself. Your body operates itself perfectly. And so would your mind, if you would just let it.

“Yes, but if the body and mind operate perfectly, what about disease, eh? Ha! Gotcha!”

Disease and ill health are an abuse of body and mind which has accumulated over many years – and, possibly, lifetimes …

The fact that some people who are diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer are able to heal themselves completely, is proof that your body and mind do operate perfectly – if you trusted them to do so, completely.

And if you stopped filling them with crap, obviously.


After thousands and thousands and thousands of years of experience, human beings are still making the same mistakes they have always made.

Perhaps, we need to look beyond what we have experienced and focus on what we have not really experienced, but would choose to do so if we could. Namely, a world of love, truth and joy.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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