It is impossible not to be influenced by everyone and everything that you come across in life. At all times we are reacting to one another in a positive, negative or neutral way, and this feeds back to us.

How we experience life is a direct correlation of the people with whom we spend our time. So choose your time and your company very carefully.


You look at yourself and you think, “This is who I am.”

Hardly. You are an amalgamation of many different influences: how your parents saw the world, and their parents before them; your teachers, classmates, workmates and playmates; the newspapers you read, the television you watch, the beer you drink, the holidays you take.

It’s no wonder you hardly seem to know who you are. Or what is driving you.

Somewhere within all of that is you. The one you can trust. The one who has your best interests at heart. You might want to re-introduce yourself.

But where are you to be found? Anywhere. And everywhere.

It is the still, silent voice that lies beneath the shrill and the noise of daily life.

You can hear it in a flower, or a tree, or the rustling of the wind in your hair, or the roar of the ocean waves.

Let Mother Nature guide and influence you. There is no agenda, nothing sneaky or slippery, devious or insidious in what she offers you.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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