Ask anyone who has ever created anything great and they will tell you that it all came from their imagination.

The power of the imagination is available to each and every one of us. It is not the exclusive preserve of ‘a few great thinkers’.

Fear is the greatest block to its expression. People don’t speak of what is in their imagination because they fear the ridicule: “If I said that to anyone, they would think me insane!”

Take note: if you completely dismiss your imagination, it will find other ways of influencing you. And probably not positively.

If you have a terrible body-image, that is the product of a warped imagination which has turned your body into an enemy; if you are depressed and miserable all the time, that is the product of a warped imagination which sees the very worst in everything.

So listen to your imagination. Tune in to your deepest secrets. At the very least it will be a lot more interesting than listening to the same thoughts over and over again.


And know the difference between what your imagination says is out there, and what is really out there.

If we listen to prophets of doom, they will tell us that great disasters await us when the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012.

The same as the fact that great disasters awaited us in 2000, lest we forget …

If you are reading this after 2012, you will know whether they were right or not.

If you are not reading this after 2012, perhaps we should have listened to them …

But, until 2012 comes along, everything that they say will happen in 2012 is the product of an imagination that constantly imagines that really bad things are going to happen.

If we get through 2012, it will look to find the next impending disaster …

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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