When people talk of ‘friendship’, what they are usually referring to is ‘acquaintanceship’. Just because you happen to like someone at a particular moment in time, or you find that you have something in common with them, doesn’t mean that, soon enough, you will no longer like them and will no longer have anything in common with them.


First things first: befriend yourself. Starting with those parts of yourself which irritate you the most. They ain’t going anywhere, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, so be a gracious host and welcome them with a benevolent smile.

And keep a very close eye on them. To assist them, if need be, and to keep them in check, if need be.

That is the measure of a true friend. They love you, as much as they can, and they refuse to buy into any of your nonsense whatsoever.


True friendship is like true love. It asks nothing of you and accepts you exactly as you are; and should you hit rock bottom it acts like a cushion, softening the blow; and should you float towards the clouds with an air of grandiosity and pomposity, it brings you right back down to earth no matter how much you resist.


You may not know a true friendship until after you have lost it. Likewise with a ‘friendship’ that was nothing of the sort.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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