Being disillusioned is often painful. But, ultimately, it is better to be free of your illusions than not.

It is all well and good being a magician, with a great variety of tricks, but not if you keep on tricking yourself all the time.

Notice the first three letters in illusion. Because, any time you are ill, you have bought into some illusion or another.

We are perfect. We are whole. We are complete. Anything else is an illusion, and will leave you emotionally, mentally or physically ill.

Anything other than complete health and wellness, physically, mentally and emotionally, is an illusion of some kind.

So, what if you are in a wheelchair? Or, what if you are blind? Is that an illusion?

On a very deep level, yes. It is the inevitable by-product of many, many, many, many beliefs that you have held over many, many, many, many lifetimes.

There could be millions, possibly billions of reasons why you are ill. Each and every one is an illusion, ultimately.

But, if you are in a wheelchair, or you are blind, don’t beat yourself up over this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in a wheelchair and being blind. And, if you’ve been that way for a long time, best be gentle with yourself.

But also don’t take it for granted that you are stuck being in a wheelchair. Or that you are stuck being blind. It is that certainty about your condition that is probably the main reason why are stuck in a wheelchair and why you are stuck being blind.

Question every thing that you believe to be true about your condition. Question everything.


If what I have said has made you angry, recognise that you identify very strongly with your condition. Indeed, in this respect, you are your condition. Hence, anyone who challenges your idea of who you think you are is going to upset you greatly.

And the question is very simply this: would you like to be free of your condition or not? Would you like to conceive of that as a possibility or not?

Or would you rather just be right about it? That it is that way? And it’s never going to change?

I’m not bothered either way. It’s your call, entirely. It’s your health and your well-being we’re talking about here.

That is all.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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