Salvation occurs moment by moment. It is when you have to choose between love and hate, and you choose love.


If you think that salvation comes from a power or a force outside of you, you have missed the point. You, and nothing else, created the need for you to be ‘saved’. The irony being that you already are.

Of course, your faith tells you otherwise. That you are fallen. That you are in sin. That you need to be saved.

And ask yourself, is all of this about “saving” you, or something else, entirely?

Because if everyone believed that they were saved, already, where would that leave all those people who believe that it their duty to “save” people?

If no one, actually, needed to be “saved”, what would be the purpose or function of their existence?

In other words, convincing you that you need to be “saved”, is their way of “saving” themselves from going right out of existence.

Until they got that they were already saved …

But why focus on everything that is ‘wrong’? As I look at you, I see nothing wrong. So, rejoice in your salvation! Celebrate the very fact that you are!


True salvation – being one with God, and being one with all that is – comes from the heart and cannot be forced. The experience of salvation, I would imagine, would be something so heavenly and divine that words couldn’t possibly reflect it.

That, more than anything, is where Christian theology, and every other theology, goes wrong. It’s not about the words, it’s …

Whatever it is, I will let my heart do the talking.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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