If you see evil everywhere you look, I would have to ask: why are you focusing all of your attention on it?

More so, if evil keeps on showing up for you, where do you think it stems from?

If you think that evil exists outside of you, I have news for you: you cannot separate yourself from the evil that you see in the world. You wouldn’t experience it unless it was already there in you. It might all seem far, far away, but it is all happening in your mind.

I believe that every evil that I am aware of I am complicit in, to some degree. I have waged war on life itself on countless occasions. Every spiteful thought. Every hateful look. And the punishment – emotionally, mentally and spiritually – has always been swift and without remorse.

The law of the universe is unequivocal: every time I do something good I feel good. Every time I do something bad I feel bad. Justice always gets served. Always. And in all ways.


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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