While it is sheep-like to go through life obeying others without thought, it is no less sheep-like to be disobedient as a reflex.


If you are inclined to go through life obeying others no matter what, what is at the source of that acquiescence? What are you so afraid of? What are they going to do to you that is so bad?

Maybe it’s time you started raising hell. Really, what is the worst that is going to happen?

Oh, so they might not like you … Well, guess what? They don’t like you, anyway! In fact, the more you acquiesce, the more you try to please them, the more they will despise you for being so weak and feeble. Get over it.

And if you are disobedient for the hell of it, ask yourself, “Is behaving this way really benefiting me? Is it really necessary to be contrary towards everything? Would life work better for me if I wasn’t?”

Forget your “I hate the world” identity; stop being a slave to your dogma; whatever is in your best interests, do.

There is no morality here. It is your life. That is all.


Anyone who demands absolute and unquestionable obedience – be it your boss, your mother or your football coach – demonstrates their lack of credible authority, and that demands disobedience. Using the fear of God to keep people in line is an abuse of one’s power and will, sooner or later, result in the loss of one’s power.

They might not dissent against you overtly, but they will defy you in their bristling silence; and they will focus all their energy on how to be rid of you. Perhaps that isn’t the most effective manner of leadership.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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