Everything in life is energy. How then is it possible to have an energy shortage?


Here’s one solution to the pending energy crises: stop wasting your energy on crap. Crap food. Crap job. Crap sex.

Stop depleting your own resources of energy through anger and hatred, which are two of the biggest villains. Respect and enhance the life-force, and you will find that you have more energy than you know what to do with.


There has been enough energy dispersed to keep the universe expanding for billions of years. Here’s a question that all our politicians and scientists and religious authorities should be addressing:

Why are we making such a meal of this? Why, in the name of Zeus, can we not harness this force to our advantage?

On this planet of ours, there is all the energy we need to feed, clothe and house everyone. The only reason that this doesn’t occur to be so is because of the global conspiracy of rich and poor alike: that, no matter how much they have, they aren’t enough. And, because they aren’t enough, they haven’t got enough. And because they haven’t got enough, they need to get as much as they can. Even though (and here’s the sheer insanity of this), no matter how much they have, they aren’t enough.

And, all the while, the natural abundance of energy and life-force on our planet is drained and depleted, as people and nations hoard as much as they can. And damn anyone who tries to reclaim some of that hoard.

Energy abounding is the law of the universe. Why are we breaking this law?

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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