Effectiveness is a function of enthusiasm, more than anything. If you are genuinely enthusiastic – i.e. not the kind of “enthusiasm” that grates because it is so obviously fake – you will be forgiven almost anything.

Through your infectious spirit and zest for life, people will love having you around.

Which is just about the most effective way of doing anything.


The trouble is that when you are growing up, society – parents, teachers, peers – do everything they can to crush your enthusiasm. And this sense of cynicism and resignation is very much with us in adulthood.

If you go through London, and other major cities, the implicit message seems to be:

“Life is harsh and unpleasant. There is nothing you can do to change this fact. So why even try? You are just going to end up disappointed again … I mean, the traffic isn’t going to move any quicker, the weather isn’t going to get any better, and, you switch on the news, and people are killing each other, and … Eh? What are you so excited about, buster? Get rid of that smile, and be grumpy like the rest of us.”

Which is about as ineffective a way of going through life as any.

Rebel against their misery and despair and sheer bloody ineffectiveness, and find that boundless spirit that you are.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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