First of all, thank you to Word Press for giving me the opportunity to share all my ideas and all my insights with the world.

I have had many teachers who have taught me (and are teaching me) all the lessons that I need to learn in this life.

My parents have provided me, and continue to provide me, with the deepest insights on who I am really being in life, through the recognition that anything that I don’t like about them is a complete reflection, an absolute representation of everything that I don’t like about myself.

For the courage, and the unconditional love, of being willing to show me who I really am, I am grateful unconditionally.

Likewise, my brother, Ariel. Also I am really grateful for the fact that he introduced me to the world of spirituality, to the mystical and the esoteric.

Likewise, John Doyle (who helped to set up this blog) and Poppy Rose. In relating to them, they have shown me many facets of my being that I am less than pleased with. Instinctively, I would like to run as far away from all of this as I can, but any time I am getting too big headed they help to bring me right back to all that isn’t quite sweetness and light within me, keeping it real.

Likewise, everyone at City of London School who I believed, at the time, were always “putting me down”. I know now that they were actually challenging me to raise myself up. To be more, a whole lot more, than I was being. And if I failed to match up, that was my issue not theirs.

Likewise, everyone in the world of comedy. Especially those audiences and those comedians who had the most unpleasant reactions towards me. What they were really saying was, “We know who you really are, we know what you are really capable of – which is something truly amazing, something truly magnificent – and who you are being right now is a complete insult to that. We are not going to stand for you being anything less than you can be. Raise your game, God damn it!”

As well as that there are many sources that have inspired me and empowered me.

Brain State Conditioning is an awesome technology. It is a week-long process which I did in March 2009, and it has made a profound difference to myself and my life, by helping to balance those parts of my brain which were out of balance. Since doing it my life has been running a whole lot smoother, and I am open to all kinds of new possibilities. It is not cheap, but it is extremely precise and exact in its diagnosis, and it goes right to the very source of the problem, and heals it there. If you have the cash it is a definitely a worthwhile investment.

Deep PEAT processing is a process that I did with Karen Gould in April 2009, and I believe that it will revolutionize the whole area of healing and therapy in the years to come. My experience so far is that it is very simple to apply but very powerful and effective in healing long-standing issues. The originator of this process was Zivorad Slavinski

In terms of Landmark Education Corporation, I have many questions, many issues that remain unresolved. But the fact remains, that when I did the Landmark Forum in December 1998, for the first time in my life I really got present to what was possible in life. And for that I am deeply grateful.

Through doing the 10 Day Vipassana Meditation course towards the end of 2007 and the start of 2008, for the first time in my life I really got present to what was going on in my body. And this offered me some of the deepest and most profound insights and revelations that I have experienced in life.

And then there are all the books, and all the other sources, that have opened my eyes to the world of spirituality and self-realisation – beyond self-help and positive thinking. The following have been the most powerful and life-transforming for me.

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations With God. Through which I really got present to the power of choice, the power to shape and create my reality.

Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now and A New Earth. A masterful look at what it is to be present and to be in the now.

Michael Brown – The Presence Process. Through which I have got present to exactly how I am feeling, moment by moment, and that it is completely okay to feel that way. Through which I have chosen to live my life through the heart. This is how transformation – divine alchemy – actually works. His website has got many very useful resources.

Sri Nisargadatta – I Am That. You can finds link to this at:, or Through which I have been engaging, more and more, in the process of asking who we really are, beyond who we think we are.

Adyashanti – Through which I have gotten present to what and where I am misperceiving in life. What and where my beliefs about myself and the world are actually taking me away from who I really am and what the world really is.

The Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot. Maybe the universe and reality isn’t all it seems …

Bringers of the Dawn – Barbara Marciniak. This book may trigger memories and insights that have been hidden for quite a while …

I thank you, one and all.

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